Hey there!

I really appreciate all the folks who signed up on our mailing list!

Been very busy over the past few months with writing, recording multiple albums (including Two brand-new JCS original blues cuts!), performing, and filming the "Blue Dream Documentary".

With twenty-two cents in my pocket, my good friend and colleague, Charlie Smith, and his amazing film crew, Cedar Spring Wolf and Evan Wiley, we embarked upon an epic trip from the Rocky Mountains to the Southern U.S., where I had my first experience of the Mississippi Delta!

After growing up with the music of that region as a solid foundation of my understanding of music, I was enthralled with the culture, landscape, and music of the Delta as if for the first time as a child, all over again.

The experiences had with the people we met were unforgettable! So happy to have captured that particular moment in my musical history - soon to be shared with You! 

The film is in post production with release date TBA (maybe spring 2016)
Until then, check out the photos captured on Evan Wiley's "Behind the Scenes"  Personal Roll in our Photo Gallery!

 I also fell in love with performing on the streets again!
Whenever I've had the  time, I've been busking in my home town of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

I was reminded of my first training in the Art of Street Performance in the exact environment where I first began sharing music with the world at the age of 11.

Busking became a method of survival along my zero-budget travels throughout the U.S. , and during times I had lived out on the streets throughout young adulthood into my late 20s. Sometimes the only thing that would feed me was Music.

This Summer reconnected me to the origins of my Path as a Blues Man and my roots in an amazing community that encouraged the cultivation of my Musical development!
Thanks Manitou!

Currently, two new Cotton Stone Original albums are underway in in the studio!

"Fires & Floods" is coming along nicely as we mill away at writing and studio production.

And, we are putting the finishing touches on the JCS Solo Cut  "Pay No Mind".
I'm hoping to release both records digitally at no cost with an option for donation, and physical copies will be pressed with the proceeds.

Also, in the process of organizing a short tour through the Southern U.S. for Fall 2015!

Dates will be posted on the homepage as they are confirmed.

Drop an email if there are any clubs, venues or festivals you'd like to hear a JCS LIVE Performance in!

Thanks so much for Listening!!
-Jesse Cotton Stone

P.S.  we're gonna fire up a podcast, too! Stay tuned!


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